In Praise of Maricopa Superior Court

Speaking of juries, my AZ domiciliary status was confirmed by Maricpoa County jury duty yesterday.

The main assembly room was sparkling clean. Check-in was accomplished by scanning the postcard summons at an airport-style computer  kiosk (there were plenty, no waiting). Carrels with multiple electrical outlets were provided, and there was free wi-fi (I elected the security of my private mobile hot spot). Coffee and cinnamon buns were provided.  The court staff was courteous and pleasant. Free parking  with shuttle service was available.

Prospective jurors learned whether they were empaneled by consulting one of the ubiquitous video monitors.   Once empaneled, jurors were given a number so that their names were not announced in the courtroom during voir dire.  The judge presiding over selection was courteous to a fault.

There was not a hint of confusion or disorganization. I arrived at the parking garage at 7:45 A.M. I was not selected for the jury, and was motoring down the freeway toward home by 3:30 P.M.  Am I hoping to do it again soon? Of course not. But  have I had far worse days in my life? You bet.